Do you smell that?

This past Sunday the family and I took a little trip to St. Louis. It was a nice little day-trip. I figured since we were out and about I might as well take a few potty portraits.

Our day started out in Ste. Genevieve  to fill up the tank and get some refreshments. While inside the Phillips 66 my son decided that he needed to take a “break” before hitting the road so of course I did what any great father would do, get him involved in the family business (so-to-speak). As any almost 6-year old would, he had a blast with it. This isn’t the first time he’s been a part of my shenanigans and definitely won’t be the last, I’m sure. My wife just rolls her eyes and goes along with it. Don’t let her fool you though, she has taken her fair share of #publicrestroomselfies too.

After filling up the tank we headed to STL (St. Louis). We really didn’t have anything planned; we just wanted to get out of the house as cabin-fever was beginning to take hold and we needed to kick it before it went full-blown. First stop was at Home Depot in Sunset Hills. Cleanliness was great, but unfortunately I had the misfortune of visiting the john at the same time as someone else who apparently must’ve eaten some Taco Bell the night before and was feeling the aftermath of one too many bean burritos. The smell was not pleasant to say the least. After grabbing a few needed items we headed out the door to see what other trouble we could get ourselves into.

Lunchtime came and we decided that the diet could wait and went to Wendy’s to grab a bite to eat. Mmmmm, BACONATOR! Their restroom wasn’t too bad, but apparently needed to be unlocked every single time that someone wished to use it. Makes me wonder what is going on at Wendy’s that requires the restrooms to be locked behind every user… Perhaps too many selfies? Ruh Roh Reorge!

After lunch we headed off into the sunset and came across IKEA! Unfortunately, their lack of toilet displays within the confines of this massive 3-floor store didn’t make for a great photo op.

Lastly, we stopped at La Pachanga in Festus for dinner before the last leg of our trip. Clean restroom, but typical American/Mexican restroom decor (broken ceramic tiles on the wall creating a patchwork-like quilt of colors to look at while you cleanse your colon).

Albeit an uneventful day and boring restrooms, the family trip was an overall success!

Quotes from the stall:
“Dance like no one is looking; Poop like no on is around”